Visiting Middle Temple and The Royal Courts of Justice

I had the opportunity to visit London recently and while there had the chance to visit both Middle Temple and The Royal Courts of Justice which were both incredible. I’m finding the thought of my first exams extremely stressful so to visit both these amazing places provided me with a bit of motivation to up my study game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work in either of these places?

Middle Temple

Middle Temple is one of the 4 Inns of Courts in London and in order to become a barrister in England or Wales you are required to become a member of one Inn. Middle Temple itself is sat just on the Thames and is made up of beautiful old buildings and gardens. We had a tour around the building itself and then ate lunch in the Great Hall itself. The lunch was low key the reason I want to work at Middle Temple now. Lunch was served buffet style with a selection of salad, soups, bread, meats, veggies, vegetarian options along with fruit and cake for dessert. The most amazing thing was the realisation I was sat eating lunch in a room surrounded by a small percentage of the most incredible and well recognised lawyers in the UK.

The Royal Courts of Justice

Well, simply put; this building was one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. I didn’t realise how huge this building is (with over 100 court rooms inside). We were lucky enough to have a tour and then sat in on a case being heard in one of the (many) court rooms.

A Wander Around London’s ‘Legal Quarter’

Prior to returning home we had a wander around Lincoln’s Inn (another Inn of Court) and walked back via Carey Street. We didn’t have enough time to take a look around The Old Bailey but we did walk past it on the way home.


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