5 Things I’d Have Done Differently During My First Year At University

My first year of university is officially over and I don’t really know how to feel. It’s gone so quickly however so much seems to have happened. I adored my first year and although I’m enjoying my time off, I’m so excited to start my second year. I’ve just received my module results back and although I’m super happy with the results there are several things I could have done to have bettered that result and to ensure I make the most of my time at university. I thought these little points might make an interesting blog post for current students and first years who are getting ready to start their journey in September!

Spent time preparing and reading before lectures

We always had access to our lectures slides prior to the lecture actually happening and I feel like it would have massively benefited me if I had gone through the powerpoint along with the textbook chapter and made some notes before actually attending the lecture. A lot of my time in lectures was spent hastily typing, trying to keep up with what our lecturer was saying so I felt like I was constantly missing out on key points.

Not only would it have helped me listen better in lectures I think I would have been able to understand the topic more and prepare questions if I didn’t understand something fully (as opposed to leaving it until a week before my exams).

Attended more fresher events

You technically only get to do Freshers once (although you can bet your life I’m gonna be doing that whole thing again to start off my second year) so I wish I’d have really made the most of it and attended more events. I think throughout the week I attended 2 or 3 events and they were so much fun. The university also held quite a few ‘non-drinking’ events throughout the week which I regret not going to.

Completed the seminar work (and then actually attend the seminar)

I think seminars are pretty much the same thing as tutorials at other universities? We had a lecture and seminar each week for each subject and the seminar was much less formal, it gave us an opportunity to discuss that weeks topic further. We were given work to do prior to the seminar so we all had something to discuss as a group and with our lecturer however I probably only did this work for approximately the first week at uni. At one point during my first few months, it became a bit difficult to attend these seminars because of work commitments and I ended up missing a few and once I’d missed a few then I simply got into the habit of not going, which I now massively regret. I used to actually really enjoy the seminars and some of the work that I should have done would have come in really handy when it came to my exams and assignments.

Attended all my lectures

This one kind of ties in with the above point. There were a few factors that contributed to me missing lectures but ultimately 90% of the time I could and should have attended my lectures. Mostly I really enjoyed the lectures and found them really interesting so next year I will definitely be upping my attendance.

Joined more societies

During Freshers week I remember attending the ‘sports and societies fair’ and being completed amazed by the number of societies available but I only ended up joining a couple but never actually attending any events or meetings. The only sports club I stuck with was pole fitness which I absolutely adore. The few events I did attend were always really fun and ended up being a good laugh so I’m hoping to join a few more next year.


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